Artworks  / Alternative  PROJECTS

2013   Rainbow Warrior Project    in collaboration with artist: Travis Sommerville  w/EarthBoundMoon  Moriarty, New Mexico

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2005   Staten Island Ferry III , IV      LUXBOX collaborative    San Francisco and New York
2004- present      Viridis-Aureus-Carmesinus –an ‘off the grid’ sustainable rural ranch project in  Mendocino County, California. Art and Architecture on Conservation Protected Uplands

Architect:  Robert Hersey    Construction: Univerde
2003    Staten Island Ferry I, II –World Space – permanent installation –Launch Spring 200    Artist:  Werner Klotz –New York, Berlin    Dodtwork: Lighting Design/Installation/Programming
2002    Visiting Artist Suites-Geyserville Califonia-Jim Jennings Architecture  completed 2003.   Dodtwork: Underground Fiber Optic Lighting –Design/Installation/Programming
2000     Luxbox Collaborative Projects – San Francisco, New York
1999    Blue Portal – Oakland Freeway Transformation –Broadway/880 –un-built      Artist Team:  John Roloff and Dan Dodt                                      
1998   Light Rail Station Platform –Color Barrier Project –un-built     Artist Team:  Catalusci and Dodt   Billboard Project – Promotion to Glory -  site specific wall projection  Artist:   Robert Catalos       Dodtwork: director  METRAe19
1997   ULTRAVIOLET  Curated group exhibition of three  Women Artists. J.  Bodner/S. Hersey/T. Delaney  Dodtwork: collaboration w/ Topher Delaney on site specific Re-Flected Site and Illuminated Object.Director METRAe18
1996   Capp Street Project -- Current Disturbance   Artist:  Mona Hatoum    Team: Jessica Bodner  Dodtwork:  technical consultant and collaborator/ programming 
1996   Capp Street Project – Three Zones   Artist:  Sarkis       Team:  Jessica Bodner   Dodtwork: technical consultant.
1996   METRAe17   Tony Calkins - recent work       
1995    METRAe16   S.Scott Davis III - works     METRAe15   Bruce Hogeland - The Green Paintings     METRAe14 - Rene Yung - site installation     METRAe13 - Pattengill - Hogeland - Yung   METRAe12 - William Pattengill - new volumes     
1995   Capp Street Project -- The Fan Array      Artist: The Art Guys -  Team: Robert Catalusci, Jessica Bodner     Dodtwork: technical and electrical advisor Capp Street Project -- The Majesty of Chao  Artist:  Robert Catalusci --  Team: Jessica Bodner, Tony Calkins, Jeff Smith     Dodtwork:  technical advisor/lackey
1994-present    'Viridis-Aureus-Carmesinus'  Art and Architectural     Project - Yorkville, California. 
1994   METRAe11 - William Pattengill - Voluptuous Volumes                                                                              
1993-1987   METRAe2-METRA10  Multiple visual and installation    art exhibitions - BA(Bayview)HU(Hunters Point) 
1986    METRAe BAHU exhibition  212 12th Street S.F. –the moving exhibit
1985     'K-APE'  Guerrilla Radio Transmissions 
1982     Founded  "METRAe"  Metropolitan Trades and Arts   Affiliation of Tradesmen/Women and Artists
1978     Arcosanti Festival of Music/Art-Arizona –technician
1977    Graphics Painter  Mission Cultural Center S.F.
1976     "Bell-pepper Paintings" - Loyola University 
1974    "Planer Inversions"  quarter-tone compositions;    'sonata for violin et volkswagen', Loyola University